The timeline of mankind has always depicted his yearnings for progress and development. In the quest of making lives easier for the generations to come, the evolution has been uneven. Besides groundbreaking achievements in the areas of technology and medical sciences, the ever growing scarcity of resources laced with the widening rift between rich and poor have become the breeding ground for some of the major threats to the world of living.
The stark reality of persistent poverty and economic imbalance is one of the areas in need of an ultimate and timely fix to see off a looming chaos. To me, a world which would give an equal opportunity to different factions of mankind, irrespective of race and creed, creating an environment where there would no longer be clear cut winners and losers, would definitely act as a catalyst in bringing not only economic equity but also stability to the regions.
Pakistan, just like every other country have had problems since her very inception with the aforementioned stuff being one of the major areas of concern for the leadership to tackle. If worked upon with a viable policy, the chances are bright for the country to pull her way out through the impending socio-economic turmoil.

– Syed S. Ali


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