Everytime he walked through the backyards of past and strode over the rustling leaves of memories, he confronted a kid who always wished to have things he could only wish for, drooling over the stuff he could only see with a burning desire in them ashen eyes and longing for something magical to pop up from nowhere.

The downtrodden chapters saw his wings getting spanned over a number of things he once desired, making him stand regally with a beautiful poise yet so incomplete as he looked down upon himself thus embarking upon something new, chasing shadows. 

The hustle of resetting the previously established feats overdriven by a touch of madness made him step into an oblivion while he could have lived the moments he once had, back then and had them enjoyed at their fullest, all dumped for a madness he never achieved. 

(Humans are amazing beings who neglect the importance of what they have right now for what they plan to achieve. Turn around and admire what you have lest it would be late)

-Syed S. Ali


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