It was just another busy eve in the economic hub of Pakistan with a lot at stake which reckoned a number of ups and downs, ebbs and flows of the market, traffic jams and a bunch of to-do stuff. With all that on page there was one thing in common; smiles despite a lot of bizarre happenings and cheers despite a torrent of predicaments. Twilight of 11th August saw the city of lights adorned with Green & White to welcome her 70th independence, the day which marked the birth of a nation and the day which saw an ideology marking a poetic end to the chaos. In short, 1947 relived. While majority of us celebrates the day with zeal and patriotism only a few of us actually relives the horrors of partition, the cost it took and the moment which marked a poetic end to the tyrant rule.

A mere stroll through the window of past will make us behold a beacon of flare with the name of All India Muslim League having the likes of Liaquat Ali Khan, Khwaja Nazimuddin, Chaudhry Muhammad Ali, I.I Chudrigar and Muhammad Ali Jinnah working day and night for the cause. It indeed was a blessing for a hundreds of folks of the subcontinent who not only stood up against a devious ploy, but made sure the purpose is achieved despite all the hiccups, leaving no stone unturned. It was all-or-nothing for them.


This country in her last 70 years of independence having faced all the hindrances and hurdles still standing tall and progressing, at a slow rate might be but steady. The fall of Dacca still sounds like a gunshot in stillness but this nation survived the moment with a severed limb. Everytime we stop-by 16th December, a deepening chill runs through the spine making us revisit time and again what-actually-went-wrong. Pakistan sure has had the good and bad days both but who-else just doesn’t have them? There were times when we made the most of the occasions and there were times when we just ran out of luck. With Pakistan being the lonesome nuclear Islamic power, surrounded by the ones who doesn’t acknowledge her to date and ruled by the ones who are nothing more than the mercenaries, the testing times haven’t just finished yet. Need of the hour is to make the nation unite under the green flag so that, no one would be able to eyeball us.

United we stand, divided we fall !

Stay blessed

-Syed S. Ali


17 thoughts on “…AND PAKISTAN HAPPENED

      1. Tbh I only remember patakhay from my uncle’s shaadi when I was like, 5. I used to live in KSA so no proper 14 Aug patakhay experience ever. This is the first year I’m in Pak and have no other study matters taking up my time, I plan to take full advantage of that. :3

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  1. your words are good but I still don’t think the purpose of posting this picture in post? it is the picture when Pakistan had signed the embarrassing surrender paper before Indians……so I think this picture is not suitable here…..on the whole your writing skills are v good.


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